full service property care

Andujar's Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance


We care for properties in ALL neighborhoods in ALL areas of Charlotte! We maintenance everything from massive estates on the South Side of town, to small suburban homes on the East Side, to large scale commercial property on the West side! No property is too big or too small and ALL are important customers!

"I always call Jose when I have tree issues - he's a professional but affordable. He's taken a bunch of trees down for me. Limb trimming, stump grinding, haul away - he does it all! I use him on all my rental properties and will for many years to come!"

                           -Jackson Moore

Property Manager in Charlotte

"I've had Andujar's Eco-Friendly taking care of my property for 4 years now and it's been great. It's so nice being able to NEVER stress about my property, he takes care of it year round for me. In the spring he aerates & fertilizes. In the summer the grass is cared for every week, my deck is always blown off. In the fall the leaves on the property & gutters are taken care of. I can enjoy my home again without the stress of the maintenance!"

                                  - Cindy Cox

                                    Charlotte Resident